Saturday, December 22, 2012

Chhabdi Barahi

Chabdi barahi lies in Damuli tanahun chabdi barihi is also popular temple in tanahun. Many people go there to worship the goddesses Barahi it lise in vyasnagar palika . it’s a religious place it is in hilly sidy. There is straighat road to go to  Barai temple. It is far from pitch road many people go there by buss,jeeps etc but many people go by foot. They said that how many trouble we face to go to the temple we get success in our all work. There  is also one pound in this temple it is situated at the bottom of hill it is in the middle of jungle. There is one priest in this temple who helps people to worship goddess. People give panchhabali in this temple. Most of people who go in this temple give bali there is always crowd of people in this people. There’s big crowd in dashain and in the first day of year. Many people go there for picnic.
Many religious works are donning here. People come from many place to worship here. People have one strong believe that if they go there with big pray goddess fulfilled there demands.        


  1. I want go Chhabdi Barahi Temple,it is possible to go there by Scooter. Please show me the route to temple, from Kathmandu.

  2. Yes, it is possible to go by scooter.
    Reach Damauli and you will get the required direction from the locals easily! :)